Digital corner of Alma M. Karlin


Digital corner of Alma M. Karlin

Visit the Digital corner of Alma M. Karlin in the Tourist information centre in the old town and meet the famous resident of Celje (Celjanka), through digital animation, which is available in both Slovenian and English.

With this experience we want to highlight the importance of Alma M. Karlin as an exceptional resident of Celje (Celjanka), world traveler, writer, polyglot and theosophist, who traveled the world alone in 1919-1927 and made a living from her own work. We want to bring it closer to the general public, both to the people of Celje and, of course, to the visitors. It is therefore no coincidence that many cite her as the greatest traveler of all time.

We collaborated with the illustrator Sara Filipovič, the author of the character Alma M. Karlin, in the development of the animation.

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