Celjska koča

Modern accommodation in the heart of the explorers’ green paradise

With a great view of Celje far down below, comfort and authentic nature meet on the green plateau in the south of the Celje Basin. Celjska koča is a hill and a resort that can be reached by walking, by bicycle or by car.

With its modern wooden exterior, the Celjska Koča Hotel standing on the hill is beautifully incorporated into its forest surroundings, offering a break in the fresh air and endless exploration opportunities to its visitors. There are many well-kept hiking and biking trails available in the surrounding area, plus a couple of peaks awaiting your step, as well as an adventure park and summer toboggan run.

In the 3* hotel amidst the silent forests you will gladly disconnect yourself. The restaurant offers modern cuisine with a traditional touch, from the Count’s knuckle to a homemade apple strudel. In addition to a comfortable bed for a peaceful night’s sleep, you can visit the wellness area to enjoy a sauna or a massage or just have a swim in the clear-water pool.

The bravest among you might visit the adventure park to climb trunks or walk among tree canopies, testing your courage. Your adrenaline will spike as you descend on a toboggan run. A visit also pays off in winter when the snow turns everything white. The location is great for a quick ski at the well-kept, award-winning small ski resort Celjska koča.

In the surroundings of Celjska koča, hikers, cyclists and lovers of fresh air enjoy nature by exploring the surrounding hills. Any leisure or serious hiker and cyclist can easily find a well-kept hiking trail for themselves and their family. There are numerous options:

  • Jump on the Grmada hill and ring the wishing bell at the top.
  • Jump across the Tolsti vrh peak to the idyllic village of Svetina, the birthplace of the fearless Alma M. Karlin. Have a peek at the Our Lady of the Snows Church and Holy Cross Church.
  • Follow the bed of the Hudičev potok Creek to descent through the Hudičev graben Gorge. This trail is quite diverse – with the help of wedges and steel ropes it runs just above the stream in some places.
  • Visit the Old Castle of Celje, the largest medieval castle in Slovenia.
  • Walk to the old town centre of Celje, where galleries, museums, numerous restaurants and shops are waiting for you.

In the surroundings of Celjska koča you can also acquire knowledge on the forest and mushroom learning trails.


When coming from the direction of Celje, start your hike to Celjska koča from the fire station in the village of Zagrad. You will find the initial markings indicating the right direction on the east side of the car park. Halfway through the route, which is partly forested and partly paved, you come across a junction. There you either decide to take the harder route over the Grmada hill or the easier one past the Trobiš Beech. This tree is a very special one since it has been around for over 200 years and therefore protected as a natural monument. Soon you come to a dirt road indicating that Celjska koča is almost there.

Cyclists are warmly welcome as well

The route between Celje and Celjska koča is 6.8 km long and you’d better be an experienced cyclist. The road running through the forest is paved to make climbing up the hill slightly easier. In between, on the left side, a view of Celje opens up, including of the Old Castle. At the highest point of your cycling tour, the Celjska koča Hotel, you will be slightly more than 400m above the city.

  • Biking trail Celjska Koča–Biking trail Dobje–Slivniško jezero (55.4 km)
  • Biking trail Celjska Koča–Biking trail Pečovje–Svetina (24.9 km)
  • Biking trail Celjska Koča–Biking trail Šentrupert–Laško (31 km)
  • Biking trail Celjska Koča–Tremerje–Rifengozd (18 km)
  • Biking trail Na Kalobje (32.5 km)
  • Biking trail Na Malič (49.9 km)
  • Trail Na Vrheh (2.1 km)
  • Trail Stari Plac (1.2 km)

Celjska koča zipline

Test your courage and take a ride on the Celjska koča zipline spanning no less than 829 metres. It is divided into two drops: the first one starts on the tower next to the Celjska koča hotel and runs to the slopes of Grmada for the first 426 metres. The return ride starts on the Slope of Grmada and goes back to the hill under the Celjska koča hotel for the remaining 403 metres. For more information, please see: https://celjska-koca.si/zip-line-celjska-koca/


Summer: Tuesday to Friday (prior reservation is required), Saturday, Sunday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. (last run at 6 p.m.).

Adventure Park

Have you ever flown in the air on a sleigh? You can do it at the adventure park near Celjska koča! In addition, you can easily navigate the zipline from one tree to the next, and test yourself on a rope bridge. Even the most experienced climbers among you have most probably never tried rock climbing high up just below the cloud cover or climbing trees by means of climbing aids. The adventure park staff will make sure no adrenaline fun is missed by any family member. The youngest acrobats (over 5 years old) are welcomed on the blue track. Those aged 8 and over can test their courage on the red and black tracks with as many as 26 elements.


  • April, May
    Saturday, Sunday, public holidays: 10:00–18:00
  • July, August
    Friday, Saturday, Sunday, public holidays: 10:00–20:00
    Monday, Wednesday: 16:00–20:00
    Tuesday, Thursday: 9:00–12:00
  • September
    Saturday, Sunday, public holidays: 14:00–18:00
  • October
    Saturday, Sunday, public holidays: 14:00–17:00

GROUPS: For groups of more than 10, visits are possible upon prior notice even outside the opening hours.


  1. Last entry into the park possible min. 2 hours before closing.
  2. Opening hours valid from 19.07.2014 until further notice.

For more information, please contact us at info@celjska-koca.si


Celjska koča invites you in winter as well. True, the ski resort featuring a slope with six lifts is one of the country’s smaller ones, but it provides everything you would expect from a modern ski resort. You can rent ski equipment or attend one of two ski schools that provide skiing knowledge to the youngest and absolute beginners.

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