Visit fairy-tale Celje

Il Castello Vecchio di Celje

Visita al vecchio castello di Celje.

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Taste Celje

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Explore Celje

Experience The Pompeii Of Celje

Dive down to the ancient walls to admire the ancient Roman frescos and lavish marble statues preserved in situ, which after all the centuries continue to impress with their innocent whiteness.

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Under The Stars of Celje

Experience Slovenia’s largest mediaeval castle! But to really get a feel for the town of the princely Counts, you should feel its stars at night, high up in the sky.

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Active and Green: Experience Celje by Bicycle

Cruise the old town centre by bicycle, then reach relaxing green corners with just a few turns of the pedals.

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Comeback of The Modern-day Knights – Travel Through Time

Roll back the time machine and travel to the time of mediaeval heroes who wielded their swords on courtyards for honour and glory.

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Celje Slovenia Green Destination

Since 2016, Celje has been the holder of the Slovenia Green Destination sign and ranks among environmentally friendly destinations. Celje follows the key development priority of the Slovenian Tourist Organization (STO) and Slovenian tourism.

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