In a blink of an eye, you can leave the town and find yourself surrounded by nature, be it in the all-year-round sports complex located at Celjska koča or on the shore of Lake Šmartinsko jezero. The inhabitants of Celje are proud of their city park located along the Savinja River as well as their unique Tree House.  You can choose from numerous hiking and biking trails among the nearby hills and forests. As an environmentally and local-community-friendly destination, Celje has received the Green Destination Award, i.e. the bronze “Green Destination Slovenia” sign, for its sustainable offer.

Lake Šmartinsko jezero

About 7 km outside the centre of Celje to the north you will find a large oasis called Lake Šmartinsko jezero. Both tourists and locals love to go there and have a break from the hustle and bust...

City Forest and its tree house

Just a step from the old town, the Celje City Forest provides a great way to disconnect from everyday life not forcing you to travel to the other end of the world.

Celjska koča

With a great view of Celje far down below, comfort and authentic nature meet on the green plateau in the south of the Celje Basin. Celjska koča is a hill and a resort that can be reached by walk...

Celje City Park

Horse chestnuts, the sound of the river and socialising with old acquaintances in nature are the main reasons people are visiting the Celje City Park, once known as the Savinja Meadow.

City Beach

The Savinja River is an important element of Celje and its story.

Offer near Lake Šmartinsko jezero

Lounge café – beach bar Panorama Panorama café, located on the shores of Lake Šmartinsko jezero, not far away from Celje’s old town, will welcome you with a lavish view of the surrounding lan...