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Validity, Acceptance and Use of Privacy Policies

The Privacy and Cookie Policy applies to anyone who, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions and use of the Website: visitcelje.eu, is considered a user as well as for the entire site, including its sub pages.

A User is any legal or natural person who uses or visits the Website (hereinafter: the User). A Customer is any legal or natural person who, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Operation and Use of the Website, concludes one of the contracts (hereinafter: the Customer).

By using the site, the User acknowledges to agree to this Privacy and Cookies Policy.

The Provider reserves the right to change any provision of this Privacy and Cookies Policy at any time without notice. By continuing to use the website, the User agrees to the changes.

Protection of Personal Data or Privacy

The User agrees with his/her personal data provided by him/her at the time of registration being collected and processed by the Provider for the purposes of their business.

The personal information collected on the site is managed by the Celeia Celje Institute for Cultural Events and Tourism, the Celeia Institute for short.
All information collected on the Website is treated in accordance with this Privacy and Cookies Policy, which is publicly available on the Website and is effective as of 30 September 2019.

The Provider (Celeia Institute) and its contractual processor (Numo) shall protect the personal data they receive for the implementation of the relationship between the user and the provider in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

The Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

The Provider and the Contractual Processor collect and process users’ personal data with the purpose of sending newsletters and news related to the tourist activity of the destination Celje to users.

The following personal information is collected by the Website: first and last name; street, city and postal code, place of residence; country of residence, email address.

When purchasing the services offered on the site, the following customer information is also collected: preferred method of delivery (personal pickup or mail), possible user comments,
number of participants and their age group, language of the tour, place of departure.

In accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of use of visitcelje.eu, the Provider shall collect no credit card-related information as it shall solely be collected by credit card payment providers.

Management of personal data, duration of data retention and contractual processing

The data shall be stored in a database managed in accordance with the editorial policy of the Celeia Institute and in accordance with the security policy of the Contractor for the duration of the relationship between the User and the Provider and for 5 years after the termination of their relationship.

The User is at any time allowed to request in writing to delete his/her data from the database. No data is stored in the database after deletion. The Provider shall decide on the request within 8 working days. The User shall request to delete his/her data by clicking the link to unsubscribe from the list of recipients of the newsletter or by sending the request for deletion to info@visitcelje.eu.

As the issues of contractual processing of personal data between the Provider and the Contractor shall be governed by a written contract, the Provider and the Contractor at this point also regulate in writing the relationship regarding that obligation.

In accordance with the provisions of ZVOP-1, the User has the right to check with the Provider the correctness of the implementation of the protection and the processing of any personal data. The inspection of premises and equipment requested shall be announced by the User at least 5 working days in advance. In order to protect the trade secret and other sensitive information of the Provider, the inspection shall be carried out in the presence of the Provider’s authorised person or in the manner specified in the security policy of the Contractor.

Personal Data Protection

The User shall be included in the database only after confirmation by clicking the confirmation link in the email that will be sent to their email address.
Any email received by the User in the newsletter from the editors of the website www.visitcelje.eu shall contain a link to unsubscribe from the list of recipients.

Personal data protection is carried out in compliance with Article 25, Paragraph 1, of ZVOP-1. Personal data are protected in the context of legal, organisational and appropriate logical and technical procedures and measures to prevent the accidental or deliberate unauthorised destruction of data, their modification or loss, and the unauthorised processing of such data by:

protecting the premises, equipment and system software, including the I/O units;

safeguarding the application software that processes personal data;

preventing unauthorised access to personal data during their transmission, including transmission by telecommunication means and networks;

providing an effective way of blocking, destroying, deleting or anonymising personal data;

allowing for a later determination of when individual personal data were used and entered into the database and by whom, for the period which the individual data is stored for.

Final Provisions

This Privacy and Cookies Policy is effective from 30.09.2019.

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I hereby allow the use of data for all purposes specified below.