Events in Celje

Visit the knights fighting with swords and court ladies knowing all the medieval games to help you pass the time.

Each year Summer in Celje brings vivaciousness to raise the pulse of the city centre and the Old Castle of Celje.

Celje Carnival opens a colourful year of events in the City of the Counts by making its streets full of events and fun for a...

Days of Comedy are today the trademark of the City of the Counts.

Fairy-tale Celje brings light to the city, where fairy-tales and dwarves awaken from a year’s sleep, and photo corners light...

International Craft and Entrepreneurship Fair (MOS) takes place on the country’s largest fairground. With its 60-year tradit...


As the ancient Romans already knew, the Savinja River is not the only good water flowing through and around Celje; some 1,000m underground in some places, thermal mineral water is bubbling up. Even today, you can enjoy it to make yourself feel as if you’ve been reborn. In the vicinity of Celje, there are a number of natural spas that have been around for centuries.

Thermana Laško

Thermana Laško is a modern natural spa resort for a family or a romantic getaway – that can even be spiced up with beer and honey.

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Rimske terme

The Rimske terme spa resort is located in the middle of the village of Rimske Toplice.

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Rogaška Slatina medical resort

Four centuries of tradition, fifty medical specialists and the Donat Mg – the water with the world’s highest magnesium content: you will definitely be delighted and soon return to Rogaška Slatin...

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Terme Dobrna

Terme Dobrna spa resort is the oldest Slovenian natural health resort with a continuous operation since 1403.

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Terme Olimia Podčetrtek

Thanks to the sustainable development of its tourism, Podčetrtek, the golden heart of Slovenia, has been awarded the golden Slovenia Green award and the title of European Destination of Excellen...

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Terme Zreče

Terme Zreče is a health, sports and leisure resort located amidst the forests of Pohorje. In the romantic environment of the Idila wellness centre, you can either swim into the world of the Orie...

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