Taste Celje

Modern Culinary creations with medieval flavours

With a deep sense of respect to the mediaeval culinary tradition dating back to the times of the Counts of Celje who have left an indelible mark on the period in Celje and indeed across Europe, Celje’s established chefs embarked on a mission of discovering the flavours served by the most eminent dynasty in this region to impress even the most fastidious of European nobles.

Their adventure resulted in culinary creations that, like the feasts on the tables of mediaeval courts, treat the taste buds to the best from the home garden and the nearby forest, fresh local ingredients and endless combinations of flavours and aromas. For a full experience, the masters of cuisine will serve their dishes on platters made of local types of wood – walnut, beech, cherry, maple … As in the mediaeval times, your culinary journey will be padded by the softness and warmth of unique wooden utensils.

The nobles of the court were true gourmands.

Take a cue from them!

Barbara’s Symphony

Barbara’s Symphony In the spirit of Barbara of Celje, a queen with three crowns, her namesake culinary symphony brings a surprise. At Gostilna Oštirka, it is also a symbolic nod to Barbara...

Cilli Chicken

Cilli Chicken Succulent chicken was often featured on the tables of mediaeval Cilli’s castles and courts. At Bistro Lalú, located just across the street from the residence of the Counts of Ce...

Feast of Counts of Celje

Feast of Counts of Celje Gostilna Francl has been serving local treats for over a century. Now, they bow to the eminent mediaeval dynasty with their very best – a true princely feast. The overture ...