Welcome to Old Castle

Home of the most influential Slovenian ruler dynasty of all times

Old Castle of Celje

History of the Old Castle

The entrance and the walls of the country’s largest medieval castle make you feel like entering a saga of the Counts of Celje.

Castle adventures

Visit the Celje Castle and have a go at being a count. Mingling with the knights and court ladies, a medieval feast, lively guided tours or time travel will take you to the Middle Ages.

Castle culinary delights

You can enjoy a refreshment or a snack in the courtyard of the Old Castle Celje anytime during your exploration of the Old Castle of Celje or after your regal adventure.

Castle events

The Old Castle of Celje is enlivened by numerous events every summer. Every weekend, knights still fight in the courtyard of the Old Castle while the most romantic atmosphere is felt during the ...

Visit us

By car, bus, bicycle or on foot and explore the City of the Counts. The entry point for all adventures is the Tourist Information Centre Celje in the heart of the city centre.