Castle adventures


Visit the Celje Castle and have a go at being a count. Mingling with the knights and court ladies, a medieval feast, lively guided tours or time travel will take you to the Middle Ages.

Picnic for the counts

It is no secret that the Counts of Celje enjoyed good food. Hence, we decided to offer a different experience when you explore our town, Picnic for the counts.

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Count’s Reception

What would you say about bringing business partners, friends, or your loved ones to conjure up the medieval glory of Celje? The inner courtyard is the main red carpet venue of the Old Castle of ...

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At the top of this four-storey tower with battlements, you can forget about the present day and dip into the Middle Ages, when the armour and swords of knights were buzzing across Europe, and when ...

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Old Castle of Celje

The entrance and the walls of the country’s largest medieval castle make you feel like entering a saga of the Counts of Celje. Did you know that Barbara of Celje, daughter of Herman II, Count of Ce...

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Awarding knighthood

In the Middle Ages, the Old Castle of Celje witnessed the supreme fame and power of the Counts of Celje.

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In search of a unique story for your wedding?

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Guidance in costumes through the Old Castle of Celje

You can explore the history of the most influential ruler dynasty of all times in Slovenia in the company of a knight or a lady-in-waiting.

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VR scope

VR scope at the Old Castle of Celje VR scope on the viewing platform The VR scope rotates 360 degree content, starting with a position on the viewing platform. The enriched content shows a knight&#...

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