VR scope


VR scope at the Old Castle of Celje

VR scope on the viewing platform

The VR scope rotates 360 degree content, starting with a position on the viewing platform. The enriched content shows a knight’s guard around the scope. The spectator can follow the positions of the knights in all directions. After 30 seconds, the contents change and the position changes. The spectator is located in front of the walls, where he can see how Celje was surrounded by the river Savinja around the wall in the Middle Ages. In the next three positions, the user is located within the walls (on the Main, Theater and Museum Square, where he can observe the exterior of houses and buildings in that period.

VR scope on Frederick’s Tower

The VR scope on Frederick’s Tower allows the viewer to interact with 360-degree content. In the first position you can see the marked tourist attractions of Celje. With a view, you can select an individual destination and this opens up video content or a photo. Some routes and distances to destinations (Celjska koča and Almina hiša) are also marked. The viewer can also choose a medieval view, where knights appear around him. Thus he can observe the knight’s guard on Frederick’s tower. You can also choose to visit medieval Celje, first the exterior of the walls, and then walk through the positions on the Main, Theater and Museum Square.

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