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For the true experience of Celje, it pays to leave the picturesque streets of the old town and enter some museums and galleries of Celje and take an artistic and historical walk. Through the exquisite exhibitions, the City of the Counts tells stories from prehistoric times to antiquity, from the heyday of the Counts of Celje to Baroque, from modernism to today’s modern times.

Niko Ignjatič Gallery

Niko Ignjatič Gallery in the old city centre is home to the Otroci Otrokom (“Children to Children”) Society. The society hosts exhibitions featuring the works of painters, sculptors, an...

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AQ Gallery

Established in November 2013, the AQ Gallery is the most recently opened art studio in Celje. The gallery is a project of the artists working in the Celje Artistic Quarter. To date, it has hosted t...

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The House of Culture Celje

The House of Culture Celje was originally established in 2009 on the initiative of the Art Society of Celje. Ever since they have engaged in cultural production and post-production mostly in the fi...

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Volk Gallery

The Volk Gallery is devoted to glazing and framing. It hosts a different visual artist every month.

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Gallery of Contemporary Art

A distinguished exhibition area in the Prince’s Mansion hosts major, study-backed, theme-oriented, or retrospective exhibitions of works by domestic and international authors, both contempora...

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Historical Archives Celje

Established in 1956, although its origins date back to the activities of the 19th-century Museum Society, the Historical Archives Celje collect and and keep records of the archives of organisations...

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Josip Pelikan’s Skylight Photo Studio

The original skylight photo studio from 1899, declared a cultural monument, is located in Razlagova Street as a branch of the Celje Museum of Recent History. It showcases the work of the Celje-base...

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Calvary (The Sacred Mount)

A renowned Calvary is located on the Jožefov hrib, consisting of four (out of the original five) chapels and the Golgotha group (penitent and impenitent thief alongside Christ on the Cross) on the ...

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War and peace memorial

The expressive memorial was erected in the years 1954–1958 to honour the victims of World War II. Noted for its concept, it ranks among the top WWII liberation war memorials in Slovenia. It rests o...

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