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For the true experience of Celje, it pays to leave the picturesque streets of the old town and enter some museums and galleries of Celje and take an artistic and historical walk. Through the exquisite exhibitions, the City of the Counts tells stories from prehistoric times to antiquity, from the heyday of the Counts of Celje to Baroque, from modernism to today’s modern times.

Saint Mary’s column

Celje’s first public monument, the Saint Mary’s column, was erected in 1776 on the spot where the murderer Pretner was executed.  The tall high column on a triangular plinth supports th...

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The raftsman statue

The bronze sculpture of a raftsman was cast by the sculptor Boris Kalin of Ljubljana to commemorate the completion of the flood control works on the Savinja River in 1961. The sculpture reminds of ...

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Alma Karlin statue

Alma M. Karlin, writer, globetrotter, collector, theosophist, polyglot, was born in 1889. After World War I, she travelled a good part of the world on her own, which certainly makes her one of the ...

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The water well

The stone water well with a diameter of approximately 1.4 metres was discovered in 2013 during the restoration works in the old city centre. It was originally built in the Middle Ages, made of Roma...

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Josip Pelikan statue

The statue is dedicated to Josip Pelikan, a photographer of Czech descent who lived and worked in Celje for most of his life. He was born in 1885 in Trbiž (Tarvisio, present-day Italy). As a child,...

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Town walls

Construction of town walls was started in 1450 and finished in 1473. The walled-in area had a convex quadrilateral shape. Robust bastions were built on the corners, while the city was protected by ...

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Billet house

The building used to provide accommodation for soldiers and it is a well-preserved example of early renaissance architecture. Particularly interesting features include the semi-circular portal, the...

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Prothasi mansion

The mansion is named after the lord Anton pl. Prothasi who had it build around 1770. It is the only fully preserved baroque building in town. Today, it is home to offices of judicial authorities an...

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Celje Central Library

The Celje Central Library has perhaps one of the most beautiful locations in town – on the banks of the Savinja River. After decades of operation at a number of scattered locations, the new buildin...

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