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For the true experience of Celje, it pays to leave the picturesque streets of the old town and enter some museums and galleries of Celje and take an artistic and historical walk. Through the exquisite exhibitions, the City of the Counts tells stories from prehistoric times to antiquity, from the heyday of the Counts of Celje to Baroque, from modernism to today’s modern times.

Center for Contemporary Arts Celje

As one of the most important cultural institutions of this kind in Slovenia, the Center for Contemporary Arts Celje supports the development and promotion of contemporary arts and curating.

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Art District

In Celje, you can get enthralled by myths and legends. However, not all of them are connected to the past. Celje also boasts many living legends of art recognisable in the wider national or inte...

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Račka Gallery

The premises located in the historical town centre of Celje where real peep shows used to be performed have now become a stage for Slovenia’s first erotica art gallery.

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Water tower

The water tower, sometimes referred to as the Almshouse tower (“Špitalski stolp”), was a part of the mediaeval town walls. One of four mural towers preserved to this day, it was built i...

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Alma’s House

There are countless trails leading to the top of the mountain, as once written by Alma M. Karlin, Celje’s writer and world traveller.

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Primož Trubar statue

The bust of Primož Trubar, a work by Boris Kalin, is located in the park behind the Church of Saint Maximilian of Celeia. Primož Trubar served as a chaplain and a benefice for a while in this churc...

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Church of Saint Maximilian of Celeia

The Church of Saint Maximilian of Celeia, located opposite the bus terminal, is dedicated to the legendary compatriot of Celeia, bishop Maximillian, who is supposed to have died a violent death at ...

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Tehnopark Celje

The amusement park Tehnopark Celje

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Celje City Theatre

The Celje City Theatre (CCT) was founded on 6 December 1950 as a professional theatre company with resident actors, artistic and technical crew. In the course of seventy creative years, many leadin...

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