Roman Necropolis of Šempeter

The most beautiful Roman monuments in Slovenia and Central Europe

This Roman necropolis was discovered completely by chance in the small town of Šempeter when an ancient statue of a sitting woman was found in an orchard.

It turned out to be a necropolis with several of the most beautifully preserved Roman monuments and tombs in Slovenia and Central Europe. It was two millennia ago that an important ancient Roman road passed through Celje (called Celeia at that time), connecting Aquileia, Ljubljana, Celje and Ptuj. From the 1st to the 5th centuries A.D., Celeia was a densely populated and flourishing Roman province with a vibrant economy and commerce. Because of its wealth and important role it played in the region it was called “The Second Troy” by some historians and travellers. At that time the ancient rulers of Šempeter set out to erect family tombs with beautiful relief decorations. As many as 100 of them have been preserved! Visit this archaeology park – unique in Slovenia and Europe. Feel the power of the ancient Roman Empire in the heart of the Savinja Valley.

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