Trips around Celje


Its city centre is so charming you can hardly resist its friendly atmosphere inviting you to discover its architectural, historical and cultural heritage. However, we recommend you take some time to leave Celje and go for a trip in the countryside. Here we have selected six suggestions for you.


Following a winding road, you will find yourself among the hills of Celje with incredible views.

Žalec Beer Fountain

Take a trip from Celje to Žalec and you will find a great specialty there: a beer fountain named Green Gold.

Roman Necropolis of Šempeter

This Roman necropolis was discovered completely by chance in the small town of Šempeter when an ancient statue of a sitting woman was found in an orchard.

Pekel Cave

Created during millions of years of interaction between water and permeable limestone soil, there are more than 11,000 karst caves and countless karst phenomena hidden in and beneath Slovenia.

Žiče Charterhouse

In 1160, ascetic monks settled in the valley of peace and quiet near Slovenske Konjice, where it even today appears as if time stands still.