Art District


In Celje, you can get enthralled by myths and legends. However, not all of them are connected to the past. Celje also boasts many living legends of art recognisable in the wider national or international space.

When walking through the old town towards the Savinja River, you pass the narrow Zagata alley between Old Landgrave’s House and the Music School to end up in one of the hidden inner courtyards of Celje’s U4 Art District. Here, painters, photographers and other artists create their works.

Featuring 11 ateliers and one infamous tavern with the infamous name Tamkouchiri (“right there as yesterday” in the local dialect), this district hosts artists of visual arts, dancers, singers, musicians and designers. Coming from all over the place, these performers love Celje, but quite often tend to openly criticise the city they love so much. They bring freshness of creativity and relaxation of the modern times to the old town which itself is a melting pot of great stories of the past.

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