AR-experience in Frederick’s Tower


Frederick’s Tower is a symbol of Celje. It would be quite impossible to imagine the City of the Counts’ skyline and its postcards without it.

At the top of this four-storey tower with battlements, you can forget about the present day and dip into the Middle Ages, when the armour and swords of knights were buzzing across Europe, and when knightly romance dictated where to hang the chosen one’s handkerchief. The experience of the Middle Ages will be enchanted by the local Romeo and Juliet: Frederick II of Celje, after whom the tower was named, and his love, Veronica of Desenice. The tower was the scene of Frederick’s house arrest as ordered by Herman II of Celje after Frederick had against his father’s will married his beloved Veronica in secret. Today, Frederick and Veronica greet you as animated heroes from augmented reality (AR). You can even take a picture with that manly count and his sensual beauty – as described by legends.

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