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Welcome to Celje, at the crossroads of Slovenian and European routes, almost midway between the Slovenian capital Ljubljana in the west (75km) and the Styrian capital Maribor (54km) in the east. As the country’s only city once serving as the capital of counts with the largest medieval castle, Celje is still a unique city of stars. Three stars from the city’s coat of arms also adorn the Slovenian national coat of arms.


To see the streets of Celje, you can use the Celebus, a city minibus propelled by compressed natural gas. Connecting the city’s largest neighbourhoods, there are six lines operating across the entire city of Celje. You have a choice of a one-time, daily, weekly or monthly ticket. You can also buy an annual pass.



Exploring the city can be more dynamic and exciting when riding a bike. In Celje, public bicycles named KolesCE are available for rent. There are electric bikes available for rent at some bicycle stops. The network operates through the Nextbike global system. Available 24 hours a day, they are free of charge for the first 30 minutes. Basic rates: half a euro for every 30 minutes (normal bike); one euro for every 30 minutes (e-bike).

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