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Welcome to Celje, the hub of Slovenian and European trails, nearly halfway from the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana to the west (75 km) and the capital of the Štajerska (Slovenian Styria) region Maribor (54 km) to the east. Celje is the only town in Slovenia boasting the seat of a dynasty of counts. It is also home to the largest medieval castle in the country. It is a unique town of three stars that also adorn the Slovenian national coat of arms.


Here to take you along the streets of Celje is Celebus – the city bus running on compressed natural gas. Six lines cover the entire town and connect its major quarters. Choose between a single-ride, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly ticket.

Schedule: https://moc.celje.si/celebus


Exploring the town can be more dynamic and fun if you do it on a bicycle. Celje offers a bicycle-sharing system called KolesCE. Some docks across Celje also offer electric bicycles. They operate on the global system nextbike. Bicycles are available 24/7, and the first 30 minutes of use are free of charge. Base rate is 0.5 € per every 30 minutes of further use of a regular bike, and 1 € per every 30 minutes for the electric bike.

Online registration in the system: https://bikes.nomago.si/registracija/



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