Lake Šmartinsko jezero


About 7 km outside the centre of Celje to the north you will find a large oasis called Lake Šmartinsko jezero. Both tourists and locals love to go there and have a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This lake is a meeting point for leisure, sports and fun on the water. There is a well-maintained walking and cycling trail around the lake. While exploring, you can refresh in one of the pubs or sit with your feet up on a waterfront bench. If your body calls for water more than for a footpath, then just take a boat, a kayak or a pedal boat. You can also go for stand-up-paddling or simply decide to jump into the water when the sun above Celje is just right for that.


  • Boathouse Muzelj
  • Café Brkati Som
  • Adrenaline Sports Club Džampa
  • Beer Garden Pušn šank “Pr’ Tini”

Hiking trails

Walking around the lake

Take a hike along the lake from the Holy Spirit Church in Nova vas. There is a well-maintained walking trail to the lake. With its many signposts, you will not lose your way. The trail is enjoyed by hikers, joggers, cyclists – and their four-legged friends. Just choose your preferred kind of experience at the lake.

To reach the lake from Celje, just climb the hill and then descend. Thereafter simply follow the walking path which partly runs around the lake as a wooden footbridge. If you start your journey to Lake Šmartinsko jezero at the car park, first climb the embankment. On the other side, there is the Brkati Som café, named after catfish for which Lake Šmartinsko jezero is famous. You will also appreciate the beaches and corners where you can relax in the shade. From there, you can use the wooden bridge connecting the two lake shores; featuring comfortable stairs, this is a great starting point for a descent into the water.

Pleasure and useful are linked at Lake Šmartinsko jezero; the entire walkway features useful information boards presenting all that is interesting about the flora and fauna in and around the lake.

Springboard at Lake Šmartinsko jezero

There are two high jumps on the shores of Lake Šmartinsko jezero. Respectively 25 and 17m high, they invite athletes from near and far. They do training and national and inter-state competitions in acrobatic diving.

Fishing at Lake Šmartinsko jezero

Fishing amateurs will be very happy at Lake Šmartinsko jezero. It is one of the largest artificial lakes in Slovenia currently holding the record for the heaviest carp caught, weighing as much as 34.6kg.

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