Guidance in costumes through the Old Castle


You can explore the history of the most influential ruler dynasty of all times in Slovenia in the company of a knight or a lady-in-waiting.

When they appear, it feels as if a time-machine spun itself back in time and landed sometime at the beginning of the 15th century, at the height of the power and fame of the Counts of Celje.

The knight will be happy to show you around the largest medieval castle in Slovenia, which has always inspired awe from far away as a mighty fortress. During the reign of the Counts of Celje, it was not a good idea to turn up as an uninvited guest since the knights were always ready for a fight and armed to the teeth. Learn about their equipment and the weight they had to heroically carry around when dressed in armour. Our knight will proudly introduce the family tree of the Lords and Counts of Celje. He will also confess his love in the style of the troubadours in no time and convince you that you can follow the chivalric code to some extent even today.

The lady-in-waiting will show you the castle in a slightly different way. While there is no clanking of weapons as in the knight’s company, you will still hear the rustling of her gown, alongside the secrets of the Counts of Celje. The lady-in-waiting first takes you on a guidance through the estates of the Counts of Celje, who at the height of their reign had over a 100 castles in their possession, even outside the Slovenian lands. Then she veers towards the kitchen and tells a spicy story of the toasts at the Count’s table. Perhaps she will even show you the handkerchief which she will bestow onto her knight for the tournament the next day.

After the guidance in costumes you can return filled with impressions to the old city centre and with the joint ticket (Old Castle Celje + Celje Regional Museum or Old Castle Celje + Museum of Recent History) possibly uncover another historic layer.