Active and Green: Experience Celje by Bicycle


Cruise the old town centre by bicycle, then reach relaxing green corners with just a few turns of the pedals. And the best views from the top of the hills. Explore like our Alma did – with imagination and with your heart; we'll take care of planning your route!

Day 1:

Spend a summer day in Celje by exploring one of the largest mediaeval castles in Slovenia and the green oasis of the Šmartinsko Lake. You can ride your bicycle to the verve of the town centre for a cup of coffee, or escape its hustle and bustle to find shelter in its green surroundings. We propose you combine fun with benefit and join a guided tour of the town. At Stari pisker, go for their speciality that they will freshly make for you: the steak tartare. Climb the hill to the Old Castle on an e-bike to explore its corners and tour the exhibitions that offer a view into the life of a knight and showcase a collection of mediaeval torture devices. Have you heard of the fateful love story between Friderik II and Veronika of Desenice, one of the most passionate and tragic stories in Slovenian history? Visit the Friderik Tower and the Veronika Café, making the experience permanent by snapping a few photos and perhaps purchasing a souvenir.

If you visit the castle on a Sunday or Sunday in the summer, you will likely meet the courtly staff who will be happy to chat to you. On the Castle, treat yourself to select princely delicacies and recharge for a bicycle ride to Šmartinsko Lake, a place where tourists and locals alike visit to take a breath of fresh air away from the roar of the town. The lake offers options for rest, exercise and recreation, and fun on the water. There is a neat hiking and cycling path around a part of the lake. While exploring, you can regain your strength at any of the cafés on the lake, or rest your feet on a bench next to the water.

Day 2:

Spend the next day walking the streets of the old town and touring one of the most inspiring exhibitions on the ancient Roman period, showcasing the remains preserved beneath the surface of today’s town: Celeia – a Town Beneath Today’s Town.

Celje’s old town centre is just what it seems when viewed from the Old Castle. Lovely and picturesque, with interweaving streets and happening along the Savinja river. A trained guide who knows the town like the back of his hand will make it even more fun to learn about the historical periods that have left their mark on Celje. Celje’s old town centre harbours ancient Roman, mediaeval, and modern history.

Did you know how important and flourishing the ancient Roman settlement of Celeia was? In the Middle Ages, the three stars were lit, a symbol that accompanies both Celje and Slovenia on the municipal and national coat of arms to this day. These are the stars of the Counts of Celje, the mightiest noble dynasty on Slovenian soil.

Continue your tour at the Regional Museum by touring the „underground town“ of the ancient Roman Celeia.

Walk down to the ancient walls that stand witness to Celje’s rich history. The basement level of the Princely Palace (Knežji dvor) reveals the town’s ancient Roman face. „Celeia – a Town Beneath Today’s Town“ is an archaeological exhibition of the ancient Celeia. It is the largest in situ presentation the remains of the economically and commercially flourishing town allegedly dubbed „The Second Troy“. You will surely be impressed once you get up close and personal with the ancient Roman walls, remains of the Roman road will still visible wheel tracks, and the Pohorje marble statue integrated into mediaeval walls. You will easily picture how the ancient Romans‘ carts travelled from Emona, today’s Ljubljana, towards Celeia and further.

Travel through history and explore the many flavours characteristic of Celje. We recommend visiting the restaurant Oštirka, home to a renowned chef who follows Slovenian tradition and the pulse of nature. They are located right next to the marketplace, so it is clear that everything is based on fresh seasonal ingredients. Their menu also offers the feast.

Hint: It would be a shame not to experience Slovenia’s largest mediaeval castle. Therefore, your tour includes a discounted ticket that allows you to visit the Old Castle any time until the end of the year.


THE PROGRAM INCLUDES: a guided tour of the town, individual tour of the exhibition „Celeia – a Town Beneath Today’s Town“ complete with admission fee, accommodation (bed and breakfast) at Hotel Evropa**, a feast at the restaurant Oštirka, admission to Celje’s Old Castle, steak tartare at Stari pisker.

Transport to these locations is not included. E-bike rental is not included in the price. Accommodation at Hotel Evropa is subject to demand and availability. Optional accommodation at the MCC Hostel. Other accommodation options are listed at www.visitcelje.eu.

PRICE per 2 persons: EUR 310* or EUR 155 per person

Program duration: 2 days

*Minimum number of persons: 2


The program is available from Tuesday to Sunday during regular working hours of the Celje Regional Museum. On Mondays and holidays, the museum tour is not available. Last admission to museum and the Old Castle is half an hour before closing time. Reservation is required at least 3 business days before arrival at: info@visitcelje.eu.

** Cancellation of booking at hotel Evropa at least 4 days before arrival. Otherwise, the entire service (one-night stay with breakfast) shall be charged.

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