Secret Ingredients of The Princely Counts‘ Cuisine


The banquet tables of the Counts of Celje were bending under the load of juicy meat, garden-fresh vegetables, and sweet wine that spiced up many a tale. This journey through traditional flavours that pay due homage to history will be, as we like to say in Celje: "Lick-your-fingers good"! And do not forget that in those times, many dishes were tackled simply with hands.

Most likely, you have just realized you are hungry. Hungry for more incredible stories never heard before!

In Celje, we like to pair history with select local flavours. You will hear the stories of women who were not necessarily queens or countesses to be the pillars of history. Yet they were just that. And a lot more. With the help of our guide, we will bring them from their own history to the history of Celje that they have shaped. This will include engaging tales of Barbara, the only queen at Celje’s court; memories of the “Daughter of Columbus” as the famous globetrotter Alma Karlin was nicknamed by the people of Celje; and of Sofija Hess, a long-standing friend of the dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel.

As you walk through the historical centre, you will often hear about the „stars of Celje“. One special star is right there on the floor, on the junction between two major streets. And just a few steps away is the Zvezda (meaning „star“ in Slovenian) pastry shop, one of the most nostalgic spots for many generations of Celje’s residents, which brings back their childhood memories of hanging out over cakes, the Celje roll, or apricot juice with whipped cream. To this day, Zvezda serves excellent desserts and makes cakes for all occasions. They are also famous for good coffee and fresh ice cream, while their chocolate rolls and schaumrollen, always showcased in their shop window, were named the Rolls of the Counts of Celje. Our hint: crunchy Celje rolls.

Then, head up to the largest mediaeval castle in Slovenia, a fortress perched atop the hill, carefully watching all routes towards Celje’s centre from afar. The first foundations of Celje’s Old Castle date back to the second half of the 12th century. Memories of the past are kept alive by exciting legends, exhibitions, and interactive experiences. Explore with a guide and discover corners no one else knows about!

It is no secret that the Counts of Celje appreciated a good meal. We propose to you a different way of exploring our town: experience the mightiest castle in Slovenia through the flavours of local specialities, freshly made for you at Gostinstvo Knez. We recommend the princely finger food. Lick-your-fingers good!

„I eat well, I eat like a Count of Celje!“ That is our motto that guided us as we prepared a princely experience for you.

THE PROGRAM INCLUDES: guided tour of the town: „Stories of three women“, Celje roll and coffee at the Zvezda café and pastry shop, admission to the castle, guided tour of the castle, and the Count’s menu between mediaeval walls. Transport is not included.

PRICE per 2 persons: EUR 150* or EUR 75 per person

Program duration: up to 8 hours

*Number of persons: 2


The program is available every day of the week except Sundays during regular opening hours of the Old Castle of Celje. Last admission to the Old Castle is half an hour before closing time. Reservation is required at least 3 business days before arrival at: info@visitcelje.eu.

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