The time machine Of Celje


Dive down to the ancient walls to admire the ancient Roman frescos and lavish marble statues preserved in situ, which after all the centuries continue to impress with their innocent whiteness. You do not have to travel to Pompeii to see all this. Rather, you can admire the heritage of the ancient Celeia that makes even the Italians sigh "Che bello!".

The basement level of the Princely Palace (Knežji dvor) reveals the town’s ancient Roman face.

«Celeia – a Town Beneath Today’s Town» is an archaeological exhibition of the ancient Celeia. It is the largest in situ presentation the remains of the economically and commercially flourishing town allegedly dubbed «The Second Troy». You will surely be impressed once you get up close and personal with the ancient Roman walls, remains of the Roman road will still visible wheel tracks, and the Pohorje marble statue integrated into mediaeval walls. You will easily picture how the ancient Romans’ carts travelled from Emona, today’s Ljubljana, towards Celeia and further.

After a tour of the exhibition «A Town Beneath Today’s Town» the path will take you to hotel Evropa located precisely where the famed Counts of Celje erected their walls. Their famous cakes have been a favourite among several generations of Celje’s denizens. To honour the great love between Count Friderik and Veronika, the hotel’s pastry chefs created a recipe for forbidden fruit in a cake – cheesecake with wild strawberries.

But your day in town does not end here. You will be joined by a guide who knows Celje like the back of his hand and can breathe life into the stone remains of the ancient town with countless stories of its underground on a walk through its heritage.

A hint for the afternoon: climb the castle hill and explore the heritage of one of the most influential dynasties around!

THE PROGRAM INCLUDES: a tour of the exhibition ogled «A Town Beneath Today’s Town» at the Celje Regional Museum, complete with admission fee, a slice of cake and espresso at Café Evropa, a guided tour of the town «From flourishing Celeia to modern-day Celje», individual tour of the Old Castle, complete with admission fee. Transport is not included.

PRICE per person: EUR 28*

Program duration: up to 5 hours

*Minimum number of persons: 10 persons


The program is available from Tuesday to Sunday during regular working hours, including in the afternoon. On Mondays and holidays, the museum tour is not available. Last admission to museum and the Old Castle is half an hour before closing time. Reservation is required at least 3 business days before arrival at: info@visitcelje.eu.

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