Comeback of The Modern-day Knights – Travel Through Time


City Forest and its tree house
Lisce 3
3000 Celje

Day 1:

Celje is a town of adventure – start it in style where history began: in the old town’s centre. Herman the Fox will help you learn about our town. He like to play, but you will be knocked off your feet by the knowledge he possesses! The Museum of Recent History Celje, Herman’s home, also includes a permanent exhibition called the Den of Toys with no less than 400 toys from Slovenia and far around, from various periods. The museum also puts up temporary exhibitions that introduce children to the past and help them understand the present.

Our hint: after a tour, treat yourself to a Celje roll – traditional Celje pastry from the Zvezda pastry shop.

We recommend visiting the Tehnopark where anything is possible. The first and the largest science, technology and innovation park is a space dedicated to play, learning, socializing, and admiring the world. Dive into the world of techno riddles and explore the phenomena that challenge our brain. The techno cube is ready for you to open and explore!

After a tense game of wits, you will surely hear from your stomach. There is only one place in Celje ready to take care of that. Restaurant Stari pisker is the right address for chronic carnivores and gourmets who get excited about delicious meat and aged steaks sizzling over hot charcoals. The smells from Stari pisker reach all the way to Ljubljana where they are the stars of the Odprta kuhna (Open-air Kitchen) street food festival. Try the Wagyu gourmet burger and just eat well, just like the Counts of Celje did.

In the afternoon, discover the green corners of our town. Step into the Tourist Information Centre to find a free map of the path to the tree house and explore the urban forest. The path will lead you into the embrace of nature. To keep the young ones busy, the map offers engaging tasks that will lead them to the final destination.

Day 2:

The next day after breakfast climb up the hill to the Old Castle, known as home to the Counts of Celje, the most influential dynasty on Slovenian soil. Memories of the past are kept alive by exciting legends, exhibitions, and interactive experiences. Join a guide to explore the hidden corners and the exhibitions showcasing the life of a knight or a collection of mediaeval torture devices. If you visit the castle on a Saturday or a Sunday in the summer, you might just run into the staff of the court. In such case, do not forget your camera to capture these unique moments.


Hint: walk back from the castle through the woods on the neatly maintained Pelikan path. For lunch, head to the restaurant Oštirka. You can’t go wrong with their select feast.

You simply cannot leave Celje without meeting its cutest and furriest inhabitants. They can be found in the oasis of nature in the middle of the town: at the Tropical House. In the African savanna, you can admire the lemurs, African spurred tortoise, mongooses, and other African animals; in the monsoon rainforest, you will meet turacos and other tropical birds, poisonous tree vipers, spitting cobras, chameleons, geckos, the critically endangered crocodile species – the Siamese crocodile, and stop on the bird meadow.

In the cactus garden of the Arizona desert, you can find the world’s largest spiders, step into an abandoned hut full of snakes, and make your way to the Amazonian rainforest, past the corner with coatis and Patagonian maras, and meet freshwater stingrays, parrots, cotton-top tamarins, golden-headed lion tamarins, and colourful poison dart frogs. In the pet corner, you will be greeted by small domestic animals.

For a true experience of the animal world, choose between two activities: feeding a selected animal (Program I) or meeting and petting a selected animal (Program II).

Program I: You can choose one of the following animals and join its caretaker to meet and feed it: giant African tortoise in the African savanna, ocellate (or peacock-eyed) river stingray in the Amazonian jungle, dwarf rabbit in the pet corner, pond slider in the Amazonian jungle, or the large hairy armadillo in the Amazonian jungle.

Program II: You can choose one of the following animals and join its caretaker in meeting and petting it: ball python, panther chameleon, lesser hedgehog tenrec, dwarf rabbit, giant African millipede, or the leopard gecko.


THE PROGRAM INCLUDES: a tour of the children’s museum (Museum of Recent History Celje), Celje roll and coffee at the Zvezda pastry shop, admission fee to the Old Castle, costumed tour of the Old Castle, admission fee to Tehnopark, a feast at restaurant Oštirka, admission fee to the Tropical House with selected program, one-night stay with breakfast at Hotel Evropa**, Wagyu hamburger (or a vegetarian burger) at Stari pisker.

Transport to these locations is not included. Accommodation at Hotel Evropa is subject to demand and availability. Optional accommodation at the MCC Hostel. Other accommodation options are listed at www.visitcelje.eu.

PRICE per 2 persons*: EUR 410 (meat menu) / EUR 400 (vegetarian menu) or

               per 1 person*: EUR 205 (meat menu) / EUR 200 (vegetarian menu)

Program duration: 2 days

*Minimum number of persons: 2


The program is available from Wednesday to Sunday during regular working hours. The museum and Tehnopark tour are not available on Mondays/Tuesdays. Last admission to the museum, the Old Castle or Tehnopark is half an hour before closing time. Reservation is required at least 3 business days before arrival at: info@visitcelje.eu.

** Cancellation of booking at hotel Evropa at least 4 days before arrival. Otherwise, the entire service (one-night stay with breakfast) shall be charged.

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