Žalec Beer Fountain

The World’s first and only beer fountain

Take a trip from Celje to Žalec and you will find a great specialty there: a beer fountain named Green Gold.

Namely, Žalec is the national hub of hops. Arriving there in summer before harvesting, you will find yourself in the midst of endless hops fields. In harmony with the surrounding hills, this almost has a therapeutic effect. In summer, the Lower Savinja Valley smells of the bitter-sweet scent of ripe hop cones. The inhabitants of the Savinja Valley call the hops green gold, as they have always been their source of work and money. Slovenia is the fifth largest producer of hops globally. Since 2016, the Green Gold Beer Fountain has been paying tribute to the great Slovenian brewing tradition and its father, Simon Kukec, who merged the legendary Laško and Žalec breweries, from which the Laško Brewery, the most important Slovenian brewery today has developed. Use your tasting mug designed by Oskar Kogoj (which you can keep as a souvenir) to have a thermal water-based beer from the first tap, and different craft beers based on local hops from the other five. From one of the taps you can even have green beer!

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