Tropical House

Oasis of nature

Tropical House: An oasis of nature in the heart of the town

In Celje’s Tropical House, the visitors can take a tour of five different ecosystems from across the world with numerous species of animals and plants. In the African savanna, you can admire the lemurs, African spurred tortoise, mongooses, and other African animals; in the monsoon rainforest, you will meet turacos and other tropical birds, poisonous tree vipers, spitting cobras, chameleons, geckos, the critically endangered crocodile species – the Siamese crocodile, and stop on the bird meadow. In the cactus garden of the Arizona desert, you can find the world’s largest spiders, step into an abandoned hut full of snakes, and make your way to the Amazonian rainforest, past the corner with coatis and Patagonian maras, and meet freshwater stingrays, parrots, cotton-top tamarins, golden-headed lion tamarins, and colourful poison dart frogs. In the pet corner, you will be greeted by small domestic animals.

The tropical house offers its visitors a broad range of educational content. You can also choose it as the venue for a different birthday celebration, meet some animal species up close in a variety of adventures, feed some of them, or even visit the Tropical House at night.

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