Thermana Laško


Thermana Laško is a modern natural spa resort for a family or a romantic getaway – that can even be spiced up with beer and honey.

Even the ancient Romans were enthused by the Laško thermal springs. Some time ago, the Swiss BION Institute confirmed the incredible structure and composition of Laško water crystals. With their stunningly correct form, they prove to be beneficial to the human body, which is why the thermal water of Laško is highly recommended. Clean, high-quality water and air are the reason you can enjoy the thermal tradition of Laško. However being the birthplace of the country’s most legendary brewery, also the brewing, beekeeping and honey traditions of Laško must not be missed. At Thermana, you can enjoy both beer and honey therapies; next to the bathing area beneath an attractive glass dome, these are their biggest specialties. Thermana is also known for their Ayurvedic centre and health programmes. Medical programmes are renowned for their traditional movement and occupational therapies as well as post-injury and illness rehab. Here, couples can enjoy their wellness escape from everyday stress, while families will appreciate themed holidays for their children.

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