The City of the Counts

Where the ancient meets the mysterious Middle Ages and fresh modernity

City of the Counts, Celje, has always found itself at the junction of some important routes.

It features a hidden history treasure trove including the ancient Celeia and the exciting Middle Ages. For more than half a millennium, the town has been marked by three stars, the symbol of the Counts of Celje, the most powerful noble and ruler family who has ever lived in Slovenia. Their story reads itself as a plot of a heroic movie filled with duels, daring actions, and intrigue.

Even today, their castle, the country’s largest medieval fort, rises above the town. You can visit it any day in the year. You can feel the joy of life in the old town, and just like the Counts enjoy all the good things. Have a look in the Tourist Information Centre and find information about the museums, galleries, city districts and trails that lead from the centre to the green hinterland of Celje. Or would you prefer to be impressed by the exhibition about the Counts of Celje, pose in the Pelikan Photo Atelier or rather explore the heritage of ancient Celeia named “Troia Secunda” (the second Troy). In the City Beneath the City you can see how the famous Counts of Celje grew into messengers of humanism and the Renaissance in Slovenia by integrating ancient statues into the medieval walls and the architecture. Enter this Celje time machine and learn more about the history of Celje.

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