Terme Zreče


Terme Zreče is a health, sports and leisure resort located amidst the forests of Pohorje. In the romantic environment of the Idila wellness centre, you can either swim into the world of the Orient or relax with a massage using sachets of Pohorje herbs and volcanic stones.

The recognised healing elements of Terme Zreče include volcanic mud with a highly beneficial effect on spine and joints, as well as ancient turf obtained in the mid-mountain swamps of the Pohorje forests. Besides its beneficial effects on the locomotor system, the latter helps to prevent and treats urological, gynecological and psychosomatic disorders. The turf is said to be some 10,000 years old, so you are always recommended to have a walk through the Pohorje lakes and forests and visit Rogla. As a natural health resort and sports training centre, this place is well-known for its beneficial effects on the respiratory system. With its pleasant climate, countless leisure options and a wide range of thermal services, Zreče Pohorje will welcome you with a unique experience in any season.

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