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11.8.2024 at 18:00




Glasbena šola Celje

The performance transforms into a magical operatic adventure as an opera singer reveals the world of opera stories and guides young visitors through a fairy-tale land of operatic masterpieces. Through brief conversations with the children, she encourages their curiosity as they discover the mysterious world of opera heroes and the colorful palette of emotions they express.

Singing famous opera arias and duets, along with dramatic play, takes children on a journey through operatic melodies composed by masters such as Mozart, Rossini, and Offenbach. Like in a real theater, opera characters come to life before the children’s eyes, dressed in vibrant costumes, as scenes from “The Magic Flute,” “The Barber of Seville,” and “The Tales of Hoffmann” unfold.

Children don’t just listen; they also try out roles of the characters by singing, speaking quickly, and using props that bring the stage action closer to them. Their curiosity turns into excitement as they become central to the opera performance.

The sense of magic continues as children learn the inner workings of opera. They discover what a musical program or program list is, where duets and arias performed during the show are written, and learn the names of opera singers and different vocal types, such as soprano and baritone. They enthusiastically explore how opera singers express emotions through their singing, create various vocal shades, and immerse themselves in the magic of musical interpretation.

The content of opera stories helps children recognize emotions and understand how they can be expressed through music. By listening to the music, they experience feelings, connect with the characters, and simultaneously calm down and delve into their own emotions. Through this unique operatic experience, children not only have fun but also grow.

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