“Reverse the Flow of History”, a VR experience


Thanks to both their great success and that fateful love story, the Counts of Celje have remained anchored in the emotional memory of the citizens of Celje and the entire country.

That story can now be relived in virtual reality by using VR glasses. Put them on in the Romanesque residential building and, just like an action hero, you suddenly find yourself at the top of the tower in a whirlwind of a fateful medieval story. Now, you really have to play the Count and help Frederick II of Celje, the son of the mighty Herman II. While he was deeply unhappy in the marriage that he had entered into as a favour to his father to satisfy the latter’s political ambitions, he fatally fell in love with Veronica of Desenice. He resisted his father’s opposition and married Veronica immediately after the death of his wife Elizabeth. With Veronica drowned and Frederick imprisoned in the Tower of Hunger (today Frederick’s Tower), the end of the story is a tragic one. Every weekend, you can visit the Romanesque residential building to take the history in your own hands and change its course. Grab the sword, tackle the castle guard, and rescue Veronica who is deeply in love.

Experience duration: 20 minutes, price: 9 EUR adults and 6 EUR children from the age of 8 to 15 and college students. The experience requires an extra fee in addition to the regular ticket for the Old Castle of Celje. We recommend to book your visit at tic.celje@celje.si


During the holidays, from Wednesday 26th February to Saturday 29th February, between 11am and 4pm, we will open a virtual reality room at the Old Castle, where you will be able to test your sword skills in the popular VR game “Change the Flow of History” .