Offer near Lake Šmartinsko jezero


Brkati Som

Sit under the crowns of trees with a view of the largest man-made lake in Slovenia. Catfish really swims in its depths, but thinking about it is certainly more pleasurable while sitting on the beach and enjoying drinks, snacks and ice cream. Sitting in the Brkati Som coffee house and beer garden, you will feel as if in a water ranch where you can also rent a boat or a stand-up paddle board. It is named after the inhabitants of Lake Šmartinsko jezero, with which the fishers from Celje and other fishers like to take pictures when they manage to pull one out of the water.

Address: Loče 16, SI-3000 Celje

Boathouse Muzelj

Boathouse Muzelj is a centre for experiences and culinary masterpieces. Even the wooden architecture will inspire you with its warmth and homeliness. It is the starting point for water sports on Lake Šmartinsko jezero, where you can get a fishing permit and rent a pedal boat, a boat or a kayak for lake adventures. Boathouse Muzelj and its great food will make sure that you quickly regain the calories you might have burned. They are also famous for organising picnics and celebrations, where you can have a break from everyday life while children can enjoy themselves in the playground.

Address: Loče 14, SI-3000 Celje

Phone: +386 (0)31 432 408

Opening hours:

Monday–Sunday: 12:00–22:00

Pušn šank pr’ Tini (beverages, ice creams, snacks, renting of picnic areas, playground for children)

If you drive towards Lake Šmartinsko jezero from Celje, the Pušn šank pr’ Tini bar is an excellent starting point, from which you can begin your exploration of the lake and Celje’s surroundings in a delightful manner. The Črepinšek farm has built a fairy-tale-like wooden pavilion in the middle of the meadow, which is at the heart of all events on the lawn featuring deckchairs, benches and tables and offering a view of Lake Šmartinsko jezero. As is customary for Pušn šank pr’ Tini, they are famous for their events with live music, chestnut roasting and traditional May Day bonfires, but you can also indulge in good coffee, ice cream and snacks every day. As soon as you walk down the meadow towards the lake, you will find well-tended walking trails.

Address: Dobrova 32, SI-3000 Celje

Phone: +386 (0)41 777 782

Opening hours:


Website: https://sl-si.facebook.com/Pu%C5%A1n-%C5%A1ank-Pr-Tini-215208958687/

Celje Golf Club

In the vicinity of Lake Šmartinsko jezero, you will find a golf course and a putting green with 6 holes. The pleasant atmosphere is not only present on the green, but can also be felt at Incaffe, where they are famous for their delicious coffee, indulgent desserts and snacks. They know how to thematically adapt to the seasons and the Golf Club is also ideal for parents who want to relax at the sight of the perfectly trimmed golf course lawn since it also features a playground for children who will one day swing their own golf clubs.

Address: Dobrova 44, SI-3000 Celje

Phone: +386 (0)31 724 198

Website: https://sl-si.facebook.com/pages/category/Stadium–Arena—Sports-Venue/Golf-klub-Celje-242873319140409/