Medieval Count’s Banquet


Come and be a count at the banquet! Treat yourself to a medieval meal that we organise and serve as if you were one of the most prominent members of the Dynasty of the Counts of Celje.

During any big feast, the smells coming from the castle kitchen would announce delicious food. The clay pots were filled and the wine never ran out – the counts had an excellent relationship with the nearby monasteries that produced delicious wine. The guides of Celje are nowadays happy to show you where the toasts used to be recited and where the former kitchen in the Old Castle of Celje was hidden. And how lively it was in there! Carrots were cut, cabbage was roasted, cereals boiled in the pots, and the meat of the Counts’ catches was fried in the pans. Today, the enchanting medieval atmosphere is conjured by means of the Count’s Banquets. These can either be great feasts leaving you completely stuffed or a little more modest. The main specialties are the Counts’ venison, knights’ pork chops, roasted chicken with fruits and rosemary lamb chops. Even the vegetarians among you will be very well looked after with healthy cereals such as buckwheat porridge, cabbage with oats and carrots, salads and sweets. An experience you will remember forever.

PRICE: from €13 for a servant’s luncheon up to €38 for an extensive Counts’ Banquet

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