MCC hostel


The MCC (Youth Centre of Celje) Hostel, connecting generations of young people, brings a breath of modernity and relaxation to the world of classic hotels.

It has been a place of free ideas and socialising since 2005. The MCC, also known as the House of Legends, tells a thousand stories. The rooms are themed and you can choose your own adventure. Located not far from the train and bus stations, this hostel aims to preserve and promote the cultural heritage.

In the hostel, there are 11 themed rooms decorated by local artists. You can either choose one of the wagon-style rooms where the passengers can sleep on bunk beds or choose a room for two. Will you choose the red room in memory of the period of socialism or a fatal love of yours? You can be accompanied by the Counts of Celje or the hungry catfish of Lake Šmartinsko jezero.

Free WiFi and bicycles ideal for exploring the old town are available at no extra charge. You can enjoy your breakfast or a quick snack in the recently refurbished café, or rent a picnic area for special parties and socialising.


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