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Celje Castle

Let the spirit of the castle take you back centuries, when love was intertwined at the point of a sword, mixed with the laughter and tears of court ladies and their knights. Animations will take place every weekend in July and August and are included in the regular price of admission to Celje Castle. In case of bad weather, the animations will be cancelled.

Every weekend in July and August, the traditional summer programme of Living History takes place at Celje Castle, co-created by many cultural and historical associations from all over Slovenia. Their members often look like the reincarnations of medieval knights and ladies. What was a fire spectacle, what did traditional clothing look like and what food did knights use to gather strength for new campaigns? How did the ladies of the court amuse or upset themselves when they had to tell a knight they liked him quietly, using their web-slingers and the knights’ pimps to pass on the information by post? Your Count’s tour of the castle will be complete once you’ve visited the castle printer.

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