Fairy-tale Celje


Fairy-tale Celje brings light to the city, where fairy-tales and dwarves awaken from a year’s sleep, and photo corners light up children’s eyes.

In December, Celje transforms into a true Christmas fairy-tale with fairy-tale heroes, horses and a Christmas fair. The December events in the Fairy-tale Celje begin with turning on the holiday lights and end on New Year’s Eve. Children are most delighted with the Fairy-tale Land visited by Santa Claus, fairies and dwarves and where also the children’s New Year’s Eve celebration is organised.

Fairy-tale Celje 2019

The Fairy-tale Celje will be very special this year! It will start with the festive turning on of the holiday lights on Saturday, 30 November at 17:00 at the Main Square (Glavni trg) and the opening of the Christmas Market. The holiday lights will be illuminated by the mayor of the Municipality of Celje, Bojan Šrot. The music and interactive programme will be hosted by the Radio Fantasy moderators together with Pažek Urh and fairy-tale creatures. The Radio Fantasy team will continue to create a pleasant festive atmosphere with holiday music and entertainment as the evening progresses. As part of the lighting of the holiday lights, the local retailers and artisans will offer holiday discounts for evening shopping.

The festive atmosphere in town will continue with the visit of St. Nicholas (Miklavževanje) for children, which will take place on Thursday, 5 December at the Krek Square (Krekov trg) at 17:00. The streets will be filled with fairy-tale characters, street performers, barrel organ players and singers. Music and entertainment will be tailored to a diverse target audience, and will enrich the holiday season in Celje. Light elements will be installed at different locations in the town as “photo corners”, which will allow visitors to create a memory of their visit to the Fairy-tale Celje with their own photo.

The Fairy-tale Land will open on Friday, 13 December at 17:00 and will entertain children every day from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 17:00 to 19:00 at the Main Square (Glavni trg) until 31 December when a New Year’s Party for children will be held at noon with a special music guest. In the Fairy-tale Land, children will dance with and be entertained by the magical fairies as well as other fairy-tale characters, Father Christmas, and Father Frost.

Large concerts and smaller musical performances will be held at the Main Square (Glavni trg) and Krek Square (Krekov trg). At the square in front of the Metropol Cinema, children will be entertained in the mini fairy-tale fun fair.

The festive atmosphere will conclude with an outdoor New Year’s Eve Party on Tuesday, 31 December at the Krek Square (Krekov trg). The people of Celje will enter 2020 with the musical guest Mambo Kings.

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