Celje Time Machine


Turn the time machine's lever all the way back to ancient Celeia, a flourishing ancient Roman city also named “The Second Troy”. Take a walk through the medieval history of the City of the Counts. Counts and princes of Celje remain the most influential ruling dynasty of the Slovenes, which grew into a myth. Meanwhile, take some time to stop here and there in the present and learn about the modern pulse of Celje.

Programme highlights:

  • Tour Celeia exhibition – City Beneath the City
  • Counts of Celje exhibition
  • Walk around the city with a guide
  • Guided tour through the Old Castle of Celje

Our exploration starts in the heart of the City of the Counts, in the award-winning Archaeology Pavilion hosting the Celje Tourist Information Centre. Here, we turn the time machine back to the Middle Ages and, beyond that, into antiquity. Celje Regional Museum is located in the Prince’s Mansion, itself a registered monument of national importance. It used to be the residence of the Counts of Celje in the 14th–15th centuries. In there, we find the tracks of ancient Roman carts that used to travel on the famous road from Aquileia to Poetovio (Ptuj). Celeia – the City Beneath the City – the largest exhibition of in situ preserved remains of ancient Celje extends over 1,000m2. The Counts of Celje, the most influential noble family of all times in Slovenia, are presented at the permanent exhibition of the Celje Regional Museum. Well immersed in the Counts’ story, we discover the dynasty’s stars on the fronts of several houses in the city centre and turn the time machine into modern Celje that hasn’t forgotten its Counts’ character for one moment. At the same time, it flashes in a leisurely rhythm with the charm of a small European city – just away from everything, but still on the crossroads of many Slovenian and European routes. And, finally, we ascend to the iconic Old Castle of Celje, Slovenia’s largest medieval castle fortress, where the City of the Counts lies in the palm of your hand. Head down the streets of Celje at night to feel its pulse, explore the shops, have a drink in a café or grab some of the Count’s dishes at one of the restaurants with all those stories of the City of the Counts in mind.

Included in this programme:

Walk around the city with a guide, tour of the Celeia – City Beneath the City exhibition, the Counts of Celje permanent exhibition including the tickets and a guided tour around the Old Castle with the entrance fee.

For more information please contact us at the following email: info@visitcelje.eu


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