Adventure on Celjska koča Hill


It's time for an adventure at Celjska koča, a popular spot of the locals, loved by leisure athletes, couples, families and children – the latter as soon as they start walking. The year-round outdoor resort is lively both in the warm season, when the adventure park and summer toboggan are popular, as well as in winter when the ski resort is open. Welcome to the outdoor destination for all generations!

Programme highlights:

  • Coffee in the city centre and a stroll through the main squares of Celje
  • Celjska koča adventure park
  • Bob kart tobogganing

The adventure starts with a nice cup of coffee and a short stroll through the town making you feel the presence of the green hills of the Savinja Valley among which Celje is nestled. With a faster pulse and ready for new adventures, we head to the year-round outdoor Celjska koča resort. You’ll first catch a glimpse of the picturesque old town of Celje. At the Celjska koča adventure park, instructors cannot wait to buckle us up safely among the tree canopies for a day of adrenaline, from a zipline to climbing and running among suspended tree stumps. After all the fun amongst the treetops, we descend back to solid ground to enjoy a summer BOB KART toboggan run with a few bends which will surely make you scream out loud. For those less inclined to adrenaline-fuelled experiences, we recommend a walk along the interesting Forest Learning Trail and some relaxation on the sunny terrace of Celjska koča. Spending some time at the Hotel Celjska koča wellness is an option too. Deprived of some calories due to the adrenaline rush, we reward ourselves with some traditional delicacies at the Celjska koča restaurant, such as Ulrich’s Last Meal (pork knuckle in a crock pot) for a perfect ending to the day.

Included in this programme:

Walk around the city with a guide, Celjska koča adventure park Bob kart tobogganing and all tickets included.

The programme can be tailored following the wishes of the group.