A walk through the city among the delicacies of the restaurants of Celje is a good recipe for socialising with the residents of Celje. Salty or sweet, traditional or with a hint of modernity, just take your time and the table will be set.

Gostilna Francl

In Gostilna Francl, they make the traditional dishes of Celje's grandmothers with a modern twist.

Stari Pisker restaurant

The Stari Pisker restaurant welcomes the stubborn meat eaters and gourmands among you to a culinary experience with delicious meat and ripened steaks sizzling on an open fire.

A la carte restaurant – Hotel Evropa

This hotel restaurant is famous for their freshly baked bread, delicious à-la-carte dishes and select wines recommended by their house sommelier.

Restaurant Celjska koča

With a wonderful view of Celje and the green hills of the Savinja Valley, you can enjoy a wide variety of local dishes and culinary specialties at Celjska koča.

Oštirka restaurant

The Oštirka restaurant was founded by a well-known Celje-based hospitality industry family.

Café Veronika

How many times in your life have you had a cup of coffee in a castle?

Pizzeria & Spaghetteria Koper

Even though it is far away from the sea and beaches, the Savinja Valley will make you feel like you are on the Slovenian coast.