History of the Old Castle

Home of the most influential Slovenian ruler dynasty of all times

The entrance and the walls of the country’s largest medieval castle make you feel like entering a saga of the Counts of Celje. You either learn more about it at the Tourist Information Centre or join the guides for a tour full of knowledge and plenty of interesting anecdotes. Did you know that Barbara of Celje, daughter of Herman II, Count of Celje, was the highest-ranking crowned head in Slovenian history? Have you ever heard about the fatal love story between Frederick II and Veronica of Desenice, considered to be one of the most passionate and tragic stories in this country’s history? Visit Frederick’s Tower and Café Veronika. In the meantime, immortalise the experience with photos and souvenir shopping. The doors of the Old Castle of Celje are open every day of the year.

We recommend a joint ticket for the Old Castle and the Celje Regional Museum or the Museum of Recent History in the old town.

The City of the Counts

City of the Counts, Celje, has always found itself at the junction of some important routes.

Famous Counts of Celje

In order to truly enjoy the tense historical events, intrigues and myths of the Counts of Celje, you must first get to know the key figures of this great European medieval family.

Myths and Legends

About the black crow Before Count Ulrich went into battle, his high lady saw a black crow. She warned the Count, “Don’t go there, I saw a black crow – it means bad luck!” But Ulrich failed to...

The Counts and their castle throughout history

As a fort at the top of the hill, this largest medieval castle in Slovenia controls all traffic routes to the center of Celje from afar.