Living in Celje is nice


Would you like to live in the mediaeval times? Or in one of the lavish ancient Roman villas adorned with colourful frescos and mosaic floors? Or do you prefer the modern verve of a town that has retained its authentic character despite centuries of turmoil? We can show you the wonderful lifestyle of Celje's residence from the prosperous antiquity through the belligerent mediaeval period to the colourful present.

What was it like to live in 20th-century Celje? You can see for yourself at the permanent exhibition Living in Celje. Take a peek into the craftspeople’s shops and take a walk through the Main Square, past the pharmacy and a bourgeois apartment and along the town’s promenade. Diaries of three generations, accompanied by museum artefacts, offer a window into the life in Celje in the 20th century.

Celje’s streets are a picture book of historical periods from antiquity to modern times, with an enviable mediaeval touch impressed upon the town by the forever daring and stubborn Counts of Celje. How much of their character has been passed on to today’s people of Celje? Celje is beautiful. Before and today. You will see all this with an experienced guide who will take you through the town as it once was and as it is today.

Your walk through the town will end at the restaurant Oštirka with a 3-course tasting menu.

Hint: include a visit to the Old Castle in your tour. A combined ticket opens the door to the largest mediaeval castle in the country any time until the end of the year.

THE PROGRAM INCLUDES: a tour of the exhibition „Living in Celje“ at the Museum of Recent History Celje, complete with admission fee, a guided tour of the town „Celje back then and today„, a 3-course tasting menu at restaurant Oštirka, and a ticket to Celje’s Old Castle. Transport is not included.

 PRICE per person: EUR 55*

Program duration: up to 5 hours

*Minimum number of persons: 10


The program is available from Tuesday to Sunday during museum’s regular working hours, including in the morning. The museum tour is not available on Mondays. Last admission to museum and the Old Castle is half an hour before closing time. Reservation is required at least 3 business days before arrival at: info@visitcelje.eu.

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