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Hotel Grande

Located next door to Celje’s most popular shopping mall, this family-run bed & breakfast hotel has been here for more than a decade.

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Hotel Celjska koča

Located in the hilly southern part of the Celje Basin, Hotel Celjska koča is surrounded by forests.

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Offer near Lake Šmartinsko jezero

Brkati Som Sit under the crowns of trees with a view of the largest man-made lake in Slovenia. Catfish really swims in its depths, but thinking about it is certainly more pleasurable while sitting ...

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City Forest and its tree house

Just a step from the old town, the Celje City Forest provides a great way to disconnect from everyday life not forcing you to travel to the other end of the world.

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Biking trail Žalec–Celje–Laško

To allow for easier trips to neighboring towns, Celje features KolesCE, a well-organised public bicycle rental system.

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Celje City Park

Horse chestnuts, the sound of the river and socialising with old acquaintances in nature are the main reasons people are visiting the Celje City Park, once known as the Savinja Meadow.

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Celje Art Salon

The city’s oldest exhibition area welcomes national and international artists to open the social dialogue or question the contemporary art production by directly addressing the public and the vi...

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Račka Gallery

The premises located in the historical town centre of Celje where real peep shows used to be performed have now become a stage for Slovenia’s first erotica art gallery.

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Tehnopark Celje

The amusement park Tehnopark Celje

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Art District

In Celje, you can get enthralled by myths and legends. However, not all of them are connected to the past. Celje also boasts many living legends of art recognisable in the wider national or inte...

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AR-experience in Frederick’s Tower

Frederick’s Tower is a symbol of Celje. It would be quite impossible to imagine the City of the Counts’ skyline and its postcards without it.

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“Reverse the Flow of History”, a VR experience

Thanks to both their great success and that fateful love story, the Counts of Celje have remained anchored in the emotional memory of the citizens of Celje and the entire country.

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Old Castle of Celje

The entrance and the walls of the country’s largest medieval castle make you feel like entering a saga of the Counts of Celje. Did you know that Barbara of Celje, daughter of Herman II, Count of Ce...

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Count’s Reception

Come and be a count! What would you say about bringing business partners, friends, or your loved ones to conjure up the medieval glory of Celje? The inner courtyard is the main red carpet venue ...

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City Beach

The Savinja River is an important element of Celje and its story.

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Awarding knighthood

In the Middle Ages, the Old Castle of Celje witnessed the supreme fame and power of the Counts of Celje.

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