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Terme Dobrna

Terme Dobrna spa resort is the oldest Slovenian natural health resort with a continuous operation since 1403.

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Terme Olimia Podčetrtek

Thanks to the sustainable development of its tourism, Podčetrtek, the golden heart of Slovenia, has been awarded the golden Slovenia Green award and the title of European Destination of Excellen...

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Terme Zreče

Terme Zreče is a health, sports and leisure resort located amidst the forests of Pohorje. In the romantic environment of the Idila wellness centre, you can either swim into the world of the Orie...

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Lake Šmartinsko jezero

About 7 km outside the centre of Celje to the north you will find a large oasis called Lake Šmartinsko jezero. Both tourists and locals love to go there and have a break from the hustle and bust...

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Stari Pisker restaurant

The Stari Pisker restaurant welcomes the stubborn meat eaters and gourmands among you to a culinary experience with delicious meat and ripened steaks sizzling on an open fire.

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A la Carte Restaurant – Hotel Evropa

A freshly prepared lunch or brunch is there for you for a quick and delicious indulgence. There are several generations of Celje’s fans of the famous Cakes of Europe. To honour the great love betwe...

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A la carte restaurant – Hotel Evropa

This hotel restaurant is famous for their freshly baked bread, delicious à-la-carte dishes and select wines recommended by their house sommelier.

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Café Prešernova 15

Café Prešernova 15 will first welcome you with that delicious smell of freshly roasted coffee prepared as Celje’s grandmothers used to – in either those traditional Turkish cezve pots or the fam...

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Zvezda pastry shop

For many generations with a fond childhood memory of indulging in cake, rolls or juice with whipped cream, the Zvezda café and pastry shop has been one of the most nostalgic corners of Celje.

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Oštirka restaurant

The Oštirka restaurant was founded by a well-known Celje-based hospitality industry family.

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Gostilna pri Kmetec

This cozy Gostilna pri Kmetec – Tlačan is well-known for its panoramic terrace and the nostalgic countryside ambience surrounded by the forest.

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Restaurant Celjska koča

With a wonderful view of Celje and the green hills of the Savinja Valley, you can enjoy a wide variety of local dishes and culinary specialties at Celjska koča.

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Myths and Legends

About the black crow Before Count Ulrich went into battle, his high lady saw a black crow. She warned the Count, “Don’t go there, I saw a black crow – it means bad luck!” But Ulrich failed to...

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Špica Paddling Centre

Špica Paddling Centre is located at the Savinja river.

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Roman Necropolis of Šempeter

This Roman necropolis was discovered completely by chance in the small town of Šempeter when an ancient statue of a sitting woman was found in an orchard.

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Celje Equestrian Centre

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, the Celje Equestrian Centre provides for all levels of experience and knowledge. Just five minutes out of town, on a green forest clearing, yo...

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