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How to reach the Castle

By car: Follow the A1 towards Celje and leave at the exit Celje – Center. Follow the signs to the historical town centre, then Old Castle of Celje. Taxi: A taxi from the railway station to the cast...

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Café Veronika

At the Old Castle of Celje, this is an experience to be had. The Veronika Café invites you for a chat and a cup (or a glass) right at the entrance to the castle. It is a great place to start rechar...

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Café Veronika

How many times in your life have you had a cup of coffee in a castle?

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The City of the Counts

City of the Counts, Celje, has always found itself at the junction of some important routes.

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Famous Counts of Celje

In order to truly enjoy the tense historical events, intrigues and myths of the Counts of Celje, you must first get to know the key figures of this great European medieval family.

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The Counts and their castle throughout history

As a fort at the top of the hill, this largest medieval castle in Slovenia controls all traffic routes to the center of Celje from afar.

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Shopping malls

Citycenter Celje Address: Mariborska 100, SI-3000 Celje, phone: +386 (0)3 425 12 50 Citycenter Celje is the city’s most popular shopping mall. It offers visitors a high-quality and varied selection...

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Grocery stores and drugstores in the old town

TUŠ Drugstore Address: Prešernova 10, SI-3000 Celje, phone: +386 (0)5 973 47 95   TUŠ Supermarket Celje Address: Ljubljanska cesta 16, SI-3000 Celje, phone: +386 (0)70 882...

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Local/Slovenian designer shops

Brežnik Jewellery Shop Address: Stanetova ulica 22, SI-3000 Celje, phone: +386 (0)3 544 33 33 The family-run Brežnik Jewellery Shop has been there for twenty years now. All their employees have gai...

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Local food

City Market Address: Linhartova ulica 7, SI-3000 Celje, phone: +386 (0)41 328 008 After its renovation in 2009, the City Market has now got a modern architecture and an attractive look and today it...

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TIC Celje Address: Glavni trg 17, SI-3000 Celje, phone: +386 (0)3 428 79 36 The TIC Celje (Tourist Information Centre) is the place where you can find all the information about how to explore the C...

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Following the old Roman Route to the Beer Fountain

Welcome to the land of good water, already praised by the ancient Romans. But, did you know that they knew and drank their first beers here as well? Much later, the Lower Savinja Valley was over...

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Žalec Beer Fountain

Take a trip from Celje to Žalec and you will find a great specialty there: a beer fountain named Green Gold.

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Thermana Laško

Thermana Laško is a modern natural spa resort for a family or a romantic getaway – that can even be spiced up with beer and honey.

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Living history

Visit the knights fighting with swords and court ladies knowing all the medieval games to help you pass the time.

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Summer in Celje

Each year Summer in Celje brings vivaciousness to raise the pulse of the city centre and the Old Castle of Celje.

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