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Events in Celje

Visit the knights fighting with swords and court ladies knowing all the medieval games to help you pass the time.

Each year Summer in Celje brings vivaciousness to raise the pulse of the city centre and the Old Castle of Celje.

Celje Carnival opens a colourful year of events in the City of the Counts by making its streets full of events and fun for a...

Days of Comedy are today the trademark of the City of the Counts.

Fairy-tale Celje brings light to the city, where fairy-tales and dwarves awaken from a year’s sleep, and photo corners light...

International Craft and Entrepreneurship Fair (MOS) takes place on the country’s largest fairground. With its 60-year tradit...

Explore - Celje

Jurklošter Carthusian Monastery

If you want to experience some of the secrets of the famous novel The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco, the Jurklošter Carthusian Monastery is the right place for you.

Visit Jurklošter Carthusian Monastery

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Pelican’s Trail to the Old Castle

An excellent choice for a Sunday walk, the Pelican’s Trail is a 720 m long walking path to the Old Castle.

Visit Pelican’s Trail to the Old Castle

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Celje’s Lifestyle Century

Celje, City of the Counts, where three great streams of history blend – rich antiquity, the feisty Middle Ages and the colourful present.

Visit Celje’s Lifestyle Century

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Slemenšek open door farm

In the countryside, among the wavy hills of Vojnik, you can feel the pulse of Styrian Slovenia.

Visit Slemenšek open door farm

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Sorž Mill Farm

A romantic rural experience in Nova Cerkev near Vojnik takes you back in time.

Visit Sorž Mill Farm

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Excursion farm at Marko’s

One of the most popular excursion farms in the vicinity of Celje.

Visit Excursion farm at Marko’s

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Mesojednik organic farm

Not far from Lake Šmartinsko jezero, you can stop at the Organic Farm Mesojednik (meaning: meat-eater).

Visit Mesojednik organic farm

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Celjska koča

With a great view of Celje far down below, comfort and authentic nature meet on the green plateau in the south of the Celje Basin. Celjska koča is a hill and a resort that can be reached by walk...

Visit Celjska koča

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Žiče Charterhouse

In 1160, ascetic monks settled in the valley of peace and quiet near Slovenske Konjice, where it even today appears as if time stands still.

Visit Žiče Charterhouse

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Guided tour through the old town

The centre of the old town of Celje hides the ancient, medieval and recent history.

Visit Guided tour through the old town

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Guidance in costumes through the Old Castle

You can explore the history of the most influential ruler dynasty of all times in Slovenia in the company of a knight or a lady-in-waiting.

Visit Guidance in costumes through the Old Castle

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BELAJ holiday apartment

The Belaj apartment boasts off a long tradition and happy guests from all over the world.

Visit BELAJ holiday apartment

GREEN&URBAN Holiday Apartment

In Celje, the urban beat intertwines with the greenery surrounding the city.

Visit GREEN&URBAN Holiday Apartment

Medieval Count’s Banquet

Come and be a count at the banquet! Treat yourself to a medieval meal that we organise and serve as if you were one of the most prominent members of the Dynasty of the Counts of Celje.

Visit Medieval Count’s Banquet

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Medieval Count’s Weekend

Every last weekend in August, you can come and take a stab at playing a count at the Medieval Weekend where you are invited by the Land of Celje. The City of the Counts turns into the centre of ...

Visit Medieval Count’s Weekend

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Celje Climbing Centre

You are kindly invited by the Celje Climbing Centre located in the Ist Primary School gym to test your strength and body control!

Visit Celje Climbing Centre

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