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Celje Regional Museum

Counts of Celje Exhibition. Celeia Exhibition – City Beneath the City with the preserved ancient heritage of Celje, the Paths of Alma M. Karlin exhibition or the Celje Ceiling. What to choose?

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Picnic for the counts

Picnic basket with local treats for 2 persons + 2 tickets to Celje’s Old Castle Price: EUR 39 The price includes: a picnic basket for 2 persons, 2 tickets to the Old Castle of Celje, and the ...

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Mali biser v Celju

Studio ima odlično pozicijo, v centru mesta Celje in vam nudi popolno udobje. Je v celoti opremljeno, z izbranimi kosi pohištva. Vsak detajl je premišljen, oprema izbrana. Istočasno elegantno, mode...

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Celje’s Lifestyle Century

Celje, City of the Counts, where three great streams of history blend – rich antiquity, the feisty Middle Ages and the colourful present.

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Celjska koča

With a great view of Celje far down below, comfort and authentic nature meet on the green plateau in the south of the Celje Basin. Celjska koča is a hill and a resort that can be reached by walk...

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Žiče Charterhouse

In 1160, ascetic monks settled in the valley of peace and quiet near Slovenske Konjice, where it even today appears as if time stands still.

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Guided tour through the old town

The centre of the old town of Celje hides the ancient, medieval and recent history.

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Guidance in costumes through the Old Castle

You can explore the history of the most influential ruler dynasty of all times in Slovenia in the company of a knight or a lady-in-waiting.

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Guided tour through the old town

The old city centre of Celje is exactly as it appears from the Old Castle of Celje. Lovely and picturesque, with intertwining streets and events along the Savinja River. With a trained guide, who k...

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Medieval Count’s Banquet

Come and be a count at the banquet! Treat yourself to a medieval meal that we organise and serve as if you were one of the most prominent members of the Dynasty of the Counts of Celje.

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Medieval Count’s Weekend

Every last weekend in August, you can come and take a stab at playing a count at the Medieval Weekend where you are invited by the Land of Celje. The City of the Counts turns into the centre of ...

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Celje Climbing Centre

You are kindly invited by the Celje Climbing Centre located in the Ist Primary School gym to test your strength and body control!

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Pizzeria & Spaghetteria Koper

Even though it is far away from the sea and beaches, the Savinja Valley will make you feel like you are on the Slovenian coast.

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ALMA Apartment

Named after the traveller and author Alma Maksimiljana Karlin, the four star ALMA Apartment is located in the old city centre of Celje, and is therefore the perfect starting point for exploring....

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Museum of Recent History Celje

20th century Celje experienced by three generations; the notorious Stari pisker prison (meaning: Old Pot), one of Europe’s most beautiful glass photography studios and the only children's museum...

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How to reach the Castle

By car: Follow the A1 towards Celje and leave at the exit Celje – Center. Follow the signs to the historical town centre, then Old Castle of Celje. Taxi: A taxi from the railway station to the cast...

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