Old Castle of Celje

Visit the Celje Castle and have a go at being a count. Mingling with the knights and court ladies, a medieval feast, lively guided tours or time travel will take you to the Middle Ages.

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Taste Celje

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Explore Celje

The Celje tima machine

Dive down to the ancient walls to admire the ancient Roman frescos and lavish marble statues preserved in situ, which after all the centuries continue to impress with their innocent whiteness.

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Adventurous game The legend of a secret tunnel

You will  discover the most interesting historical points of Celje in an adventurous way.

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Meet Celje’s Artistic Soul

If you are a museum buff, artistic hedonist, or merely someone who enjoys a good story, then you surely won’t regret a visit to one of Celje’s museums or galleries.

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Guided tour in the company of a knight

Explore the history of the most influential ruler dynasty of all times in Slovenia in the company of a knight at the Old Castle of Celje.

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Art and culture
Old castle

Virtual tour

Take a virtual tour and experience the city Celje from
the comfort of your home.

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Celje Slovenia Green Destination

Since 2016, Celje has been the holder of the Slovenia Green Destination sign and ranks among environmentally friendly destinations. Celje follows the key development priority of the Slovenian Tourist Organization (STO) and Slovenian tourism.

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